WiggleFarm offers African Night Crawlers, Alabama Jumpers, European Night Crawlers, and Red Wigglers for sale by the pound.

Whether you are gardening, composting, or fishing these guys can get the job done. Order from WiggleFarm today to get top quality worms. 

Each pound of worms sold will have a very small amount of soil that is included and also will weigh slightly more than a pound. (Roughly 1lb 2-3oz)

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African Nightcrawlers
African Night Crawlers  (Eudrilus Eugeniae) $38.50 per pound Great worms for gardening, comp..
Alabama Jumpers
Alabama Jumpers (Amynthus Gracilus) $64.50 per pound Great worms for gardening, composting or fis..
European Nightcrawlers
European Night Crawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) $38.50 per pound Great worms for gardening, compostin..
Red Wiggler Selects for Fishing
Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida)  Can be used for fishing but most are smaller than a fi..
Red Wigglers for Composting
Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) $32.50 per pound The great composting worms! These worms are known ..