Soil-Tea Additives

Every brewmaster knows the devil is in the details!  Don't forget to formulate for your specific needs.  If spraying to shrubs and other foliar you need some organic vegetable oil.  To make the brew feed the active microbes best you will need molasses.  Also you can add lime or any other soil deficiencies you are aware of to provide the perfect worm tea for your region and conditions.

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Black Strap Molasses 4 oz.
Black Strap Molassis 4 oz "Worm Tea Additive"           ..
Black Strap Molasses 8 oz.
Black Strap Molasses 8 oz "Worm Tea Additive"           &..
Dolomite Lime 25oz.
Dolomite Lime 25oz. "Worm Tea Additive"             ..
Vegetable Oil 16 oz.
Vegetable Oil 16 oz."Worm Tea Additive"             ..